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Machinery / Capacities List

Pinson Machine Shop And Pinson Tool Co.

Qty:____Machine Description:_______Machine Capacity:_______

_2__Monarch VMC-75_________X=40" Y=20" Z=30" 20 Tool Cap. ____Vertical CNC Machining Centers w/ G E Controls________

_1__Femco KFV-40 10 HP______X=43" Y=23.5" Z=21"_______ ____CNC Machining Center_____Table 18"x51" w/ 2000 lb. Cap.

_2__Mazak 4L Dyna Turn 30 HP_24" Swing Z=10" 12 Tool Cap. ____CNC Chuckers w/ Fanuc Controls_____________________

_1__Clausing CNC Lathe_______17" Swing 40" 8 Tool Cap.____ ____________________________40" Center To Center________

_1__Mori Seike SL 4A 30 HP____X=14" Z=15" 12" Chuck w/ 2.7" _1__Mori Seike SL 3B 20 HP____X=08" Z=14" 10" Chuck w/ 1.9" ____CNC Turning Centers______Capacity Thru Hole In Chuck

_1__MSC Series 1____________X=40" Y=12"______________ _1__Bridgeport_______________X=40" Y=12"______________ ____Conventional Milling Machines_______________________ _1__Cinncinati N02____________53"X10.5"________________ ____Horizontal Milling Machine__________________________

_1__Enco 7.5 HP_____________16" Swing_________________ ____Engine Lathe_____________60" Center To Center______

_1__Mighty Turn_____________12" Chuck 60" Bedway_______ _1__Mysore Kirloshar__________9" Chuck 60" Bedway_______ _1__Sydney_________________18" Chuck 144" Bedway______ _1__Leblond Regal___________21" Chuck 60" Bedway_______ ____Manual Turning Lathes_____________________________

_1__Horizontal Band Saw______10"X6" Cap._______________

_1__Kalamazoo Radiac Saw____20"Cap.__________________

_1__Blanchard #18 Surface Grinder w/ 42" Table____________ _1__Cinncinati #2 Cutter Grinder_________________________ _1__Harter Drill Point Grinder___________________________

_1__Glass Bead Blaster_______36"X48" Access____________

_3__Raytech 3/4 Cubic Foot Vibratory Tumbler______________

_2__Rigid Pipe Threading Machines______________________

_1__WCM Hydraulic Press_____5" Ram 8" Stroke___________ __________________________18"X40" Table w/ 40" Travel___

_1__5 HP 2 Stage Air Compressor________________________

_3__IBM Computers w/ Programming Software______________

Also Miscellaneous Inspection Equipment As Well As
Tooling Items And Hand Tools Such As Die Grinders,
Belt Sanders, Vises, Indexing Heads, Etc.

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Pinson Machine Shop And Pinson Tool Co.
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Winnsboro, Texas 75494-0067

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